About the Artist

We have built the cities. Bigger, smaller, full of shapes, forms and contrasts. We live in the architectural structures and stay in contact with the jungle of lines, surfaces and sections, not realizing that every day we observe the magical work of the past and present builders. My painting submerges in this trend, showing the city in an individual way, far from the realism and esthetics visible to everybody. The painting is transformed in the creative process, modified and simplified. I still leave the elements of reality, recognizable fragments, unique for every city, street or building. I blend them thoughtfully between the surfaces and spots. Then comes the color creating more picturesque painting full of artistic expression, yet far from photographic transmission. An exciting challenge lays in composing the piece of a varied texture. Working on the technique, forming new sculptural areas on canvas and marking the relationship between them is the part of creation that I value most. The configuration of areas and surfaces, their harmony or contrast make up for the parallelism of the elements and this stage of the painting brings me the biggest pleasure.

Ilona Wojciechowska

(graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz, Poland. Degree - 2005 in prof. Tomasz Chojnacki’s studio. Ilona lives and paints in the USA since the mid-2013).